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story-life of humanity


isacchi®F16LOST KNIGHT

This kind-of-weirdo high school girl that lived ever for her whole life and arts. She is 12th grade at Science Program and also freelance artist. Fandom of everything that affects her. She's also open to everyone that wants to be her friend. Don't be so shy to ask anything about her.

CREDIT for Danbooru.com

loves <3

TYPE-MOON, Key/Visual Arts, Nasu Kinoko, Makoto Shinkai, Miyazaki Hayao, Walt Disney
Kara no Kyoukai . Higashi no Eden . Eyeshield 21 . Kure-nai . Pandora Hearts . Axis Power Hetalia . Hayate no Gotoku . Yotsuba & ! . Clannad . Gurren Laggann .

Coldplay . Simple Plan . Green Day . Andrea Bocceli . Kalafina . Yuki Kajiura . Hans Zimmer .


Plurk || Deviantart || MangaBullet || Facebook

Add her if you have one. Feel free to connect with her :) She is very active at DeviantArt right now. Followed by Facebook, Mangabullet, and Plurk. Right now, she needs other connectors that nice to use. Just suggest her.

She is freelance of these kinds work :
Writer : Everything, especially novel
Designer : Photo, Magazine, Celebration Cards, Banners, Avatar+Signatures
Illustrator : Poster, Fanarts, Oriarts, Mascots
Music : Compose and Making the Songs.

CREDIT for her and she hates to do : porn and provocative works.

Just ask her immediately if you want one.